segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2010


I was thinking of what to do in these vacations, and I was starting to get bored as the first idle day has arrived.

However, my problems have finally finished yesterday, when my dad gave me a present: Satellite Directv. I couldn't be happier. I did thank him so much, and since that moment I have not been away from my Direct TV, passing by all the lots of diferent channels and games (yes, there are nice games in that great machine!)

What mainly surprised me in DirectTV was the signal quality, which is incomparably the best I've ever seen before. HD and bright images have hipnotized me in front of tv. It's just perfect!

If you, my friends, want to enjoy a really beautiful image and having fun all the day long, take a look at and be happy.

By now, I'm going back to watch the 8th World Wonder. See you!

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Marcelo disse...
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Marcelo disse...

Diogo disse...

Teu inglês ta bem bom, cara! Quase quis comprar a directv.

Mark disse...

I'm really happy to see this! I've been trying to find someone who has Directv to ask some questions! It seems to be really nice. I'll send you a mail with some question about directv nad would be glad if you answer me.


Max disse...

Polishop detected!
Manja muito de ingrês este Lucas!

Lucas disse...

Esses americanos salafrários nem me responderam ainda

Max disse...

Bom pelo menos tu arranjaste um amigo pela directv (Mark), hehe